About us

The language of the broadcast is exclusively Ukrainian, we work on the frequency 101.1 FM. We have been broadcasting since December 20, 1998.

The name “Uh” – causes admiration and a smile, is always associated with elevated emotions, and we completely and completely correspond to it! The ether cover covers the eastern part of Galicia and western Podillia. There is also online broadcasting to the Internet.

You can always order exclusive greetings and greetings for family and friends performed by the hosts of the live broadcast.

From 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. every weekday, we have an hour of free greetings – you can send greetings from all over the city, region and all corners of the planet to your relatives and friends, as well as order your favorite song.

In the morning, we keep listeners-drivers informed about the situation on the roads: traffic jams, heavy traffic jams – we will tell you about everything! Both modern Ukrainian songs and good songs from our childhood are heard on the air.

Star guests also give listeners good emotions. Over the past 21 years, hundreds of celebrities have visited the Uh-Radio studio. Coming to Ternopil with a new concert, the artists come to us as if they were relatives. We often raffle tickets for concerts live, so concert fans should be careful.

Listeners of “Uh-Radio” always know about local and economic events, sports achievements of compatriots and curiosities that are happening in the world.
Only positive news is heard on the air.

The advertising department is the engine of the radio station. An individual approach to each client is provided thanks to qualified staff.
Each commercial is a creative process, the completion of which you want to repeat with enthusiasm, that is why advertising on “Uh-Radio” is effective and interesting, it stands out and is memorable.
you just don’t want to switch it!)